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Airportal is the online service for airport operators. Airportal offers news and information maintained by Finavia. Operating instructions, common information bulletins and electronic services intended for organisations operating at the airports are available on Airportal in Finnish.

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Q: I received a user ID and a password through email. I tried entering them into the system, but I received an error message?

A: You cannot copy your password from the email message; you need to enter it manually. If you copy and paste the password, invisible characters will appear that make the password invalid. The length of password is 8 characters without {0}: characters.


Q: I tried to register as a new user, but I was taken to an error page.

A: Check the form of the company's business ID (1234567-0) and your user ID (only numbers in format 1234, no letters, e.g. AY1234).


Q: I entered incorrect data several times and I received an error message telling me to contact the administrator, and that my ID was locked.

A: Wait for a few minutes and try again. Double check your user ID and password. If you are uncertain about your password, press the "Forgot your password?" link and order a new one.